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Head over to Ally Carter Blog for a chance to win all of this!


Head over to Ally Carter Blog for a chance to win all of this!

Anonymous asked: "You should make another book when cammie and everyone is like 30 .... That would be awesome"

I’m not Ally, Anon. Sorry to disappoint.

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bcbookobsessed asked: "Are you ever going to let you readers know who you killed off in United We Spy but decided not to in the end?"


I suppose I can now tell you that in the early versions of UNITED WE SPY in which Preston died. And he died bloody.

Perhaps some day I will talk about it more—explain the whole subplot that led to that and why I decided that it wasn’t the correct ending for the series.

Basically, my brilliant editor read the book and, like me, felt like something was…off. We decided that the ending should be Cam and crew facing off against the series’s ultimate villain: Catherine. So I made this massive change at the 11th hour, and it was absolutely, 100% the right call.

Because editors are brilliant, and authors are smart to always at least consider what they have to say.

So…yeah. Preston DID die. But then he didn’t.



immesoyolo asked: "Is there gonna be a movie? Or is that just a rumour?"

It’s been optioned, and as cool as that is, it doesn’t always mean the movie is going to get made. The series has been optioned before by other companies so

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maqaron asked: "OMG I JUST FINISHED READING UNITED WE SPY AND I JUST CANT OMFG LIZS SPEECH WAS SO BEAUTIFUL *CRIES* I wish the ending somehow involved the other girls though but I guess since they moved on to other things so ally carter didn't include them :( but I'm so sad the series ended and now :((("

OMG, I KNOW. LIZ’S SPEECH RUINED ME.  Also, whenever you’re sad about the series ending, remind yourself of two things:

1. you can always reread them obsessively.


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Anonymous asked: "at the end of united we spy Zach and Cammie get asked to go on another mission. I'm interested to know how Cammie's going to handle her new school and her new mission. or if there are any bullies at the school and how she's going to handle them all. Is there a seventh book."

Nope! The series ended with UWS.

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missaidita asked: "Ally Carter did strong female characters justice and united billions of girls around the world under this beautiful series with an awe inspiring role model that is Cammie Morgan. Rest assured I'll have a daughter named Cammie (Chameleon) some day.♥✨"

Aw :) Lovely note, I totally agree!

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Happy New Year, Gallagher Girls!

Hope you all have a great 2014 and read a lot of wonderful books and have a lot of fantastic experiences!

A Reminder for Those Concerned: Though there will not be a new Ally Carter book out during 2014, you can still reread the old ones ;)

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Anonymous asked: "is there going to be a seventh book to the Gallapher girls"

There is not. The series ended with United We Spy (go read it if you haven’t yet!!).

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Anonymous asked: "im so confused about what happened to zach at the end.. can you explain it to me?"

(spolier alert)

Read More

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forget-me-not-xx asked: "I ended up having to have a whole Gallagher read-a-thon before I read the last book, when I finally read it I ended up crying on the last page, Lizzie's speech, it was beautiful. Did you hear about Ally's latest book coming in 2015? Hopefully it's as amazing as GG x"

Liz’s speech turned me in a permanent mess of feels.


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Anonymous asked: "[Continued] Colton Haynes as Zachary Goode, Matt Bomer as Joe Solomon, Chris Evans as Edward Townsend, Penelope Cruz as Rachel Morgan, Natalie Portman as Abigail Cameron, Meryl Streep as Professor Buckingham, Dylan O'Brien as Preston, Cody Linley as Josh"

(fan cast for gg)

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Live chat


Hi! I will be chatting HERE at 3:00 central time. Come join me! (@OfficiallyAlly live on twitcam.livestream.com/fhje4)

 If you didn’t get to watch Ally’s twitcam (which by the way was great. Shout out to Ally: you’re fabulous!), it will be archived, and you should all totally watch it. Especially if you want to hear Ally talk about Embassy Row. Because she does. And it’s perfect. Also, she talks about Zach and Hale, and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t one of my favorite parts of the twitcam.

Ally Carter just high-fived me.

My life? Complete.

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An Open Letter to Ally Carter



Dear Ally,
*sobs feverishly*
You have turned me into a permanent mess of feels.
But in the best possible way.
gallagher girl


I feel like I’ll be crying and/or hyperventilating tomorrow at your signing- at least on the inside- and you’ll just be rubbing your hands together evilly and maniacally laughing and whispering : “Excellent! The results are just as I expected.”